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Profitable Growth

Successful organizations often have in common the ability to drive toward and achieve corporate objectives regardless of market conditions. While Pro Finance Enterprise recognizes that no two organizations have the same mission, vision, or objectives, we are committed to focusing on your needs so that you can allocate your resources in an optimal manner.

How We Can Help

Pro Finance Enterprise provides services that help organizations grow and achieve operational goals. We can help you address a multitude of business issues - from developing an operationally driven strategic plan to increasing enterprise value through financial management practices and operational improvements by most recent financial management techniques.

Measuring Your Results

Success in business can be elusive. You begin with the best of intentions, identify goals, set targets, make plans and carry them out. Sometimes you achieve the desired result, but other times you fall short – without really knowing why.

Measurement provides the feedback that is crucial for assessing progress and making improvements, as well as operational zing strategy and delivering intended results.

How We Can Help

Ultimately, the "right" measurement answer will differ from organization to organization. Pro Finance Enterprise professionals can help you to determine what your measurement needs are, whether they be financial or non-financial (balance scorecard), and which measurement tools are right for you.

Managing Working Capital

As companies struggle for competitive advantage amid increasingly fierce competition, effective management of working capital is sometimes overlooked as a critical success factor. Every dollar unnecessarily locked up in working capital weighs down performance. Once unlocked, however, these dollars are freed up for investment and value creation for shareholders.

How We Can Help

Pro Finance has a cash-flow measurement tool that we refer to as Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC). The CCC calculation uses receivables, days sales outstanding, plus days sales in inventory, less days payable outstanding and weights these according to their potential for cash flow impact. Utilizing CCC to measure cash flow, businesses can implement plans to maximize inventory turns, accelerate accounts receivable collections and optimize payables, essentially allowing you to focus on collecting cash faster and parting with it more slowly.
The CCC Framework utilizes a diagnostic tool we call a Health Check. The Health Check incorporates working capital metrics as well as a best practice gap analysis in each of six critical process areas for accounts receivable, inventory and accounts payable management.

Managing Costs

Pro Finance Enterprise's Strategic Cost Management service involves implementing a cost reduction program that is consistent with your business strategies, and which makes cost containment part of how you run your business. In managing costs, the focus is not just on expenditure reduction, but on cost productivity that is consistent with your business strategy and objectives. In addition to looking at traditional cost cutting measures such as, saying no to expenditures and reviewing historical expenses for additional refunds, we work with you to identify additional opportunities that will have an ongoing impact. For example, we can assess existing cost controls and budgeting processes, develop recommendations and cost cutting activities, and aid in the implementation and monitoring of the cost cutting processes.

How We Can Help

Pro Finance Enterprise professionals are focused on working with you to develop a cost reduction program.
  • nterviewing stakeholders.
  • working with vendors.
  • evaluating the budget and cost control processes
  • establishing criteria for evaluating cost reduction opportunities; and
  • project managing cost reduction initiatives

Developing Winning Strategy

An excellent strategy, understood by your team and executed with dynamic and commitment, can be the difference in developing and sustaining competitive advantage. This is why so many successful businesses have invested in their strategic processes. Done right, strategy makes a difference. Anticipating opportunities and challenges, identifying key markets and managing change is critical to your success..

Pro Finance strategic planning services can help your business seize those opportunities and manage change more effectively.

How We Can Help

Pro Finance Enterprise's strategic planning professionals can help make your strategic planning process more efficient and successful. We can help you by:
  • Designing and implementing your strategic process.
  • Coaching you through the planning process.
  • Performing a strategic assessment of your business.
  • Conducting interviews of key stakeholders.
  • Facilitating your strategic planning sessions.
  • Preparing a written business plan.
  • Assisting in the implementation of your strategic plan.
  • Providing ongoing support to keep the plan on track.
  • Acting as a sounding board.


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